Seven Strengths of Sensitive People

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Seven Strengths of Sensitive People

Seven Strengths of Sensitive People

Highly sensitive people have very special personalities. Today, we have research and studies to help us define and understand this psychological trait. In fact, we know that such people are empathetic and considerate. In addition, there are many stimuli that prove to be stressful and even painful for them.

Seven Strengths of Sensitive People

Like everyone else, very sensitive people have weaknesses and strengths. However, although the topic of high sensitivity has become increasingly popular since Elaine N. Aron published The Highly Sensitive Person in 1996, there are some misconceptions that still tend to be accepted today.

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For example, highly sensitive people are not necessarily introverts. In addition, it is common not only in women, but also in men. Their sensitivity is not synonymous with vulnerability. Indeed, in many cases, they have strengths that they are often unaware of.

“They hear almost every sound, notice every movement, and process the expression on every person’s face. This means that even walking in public can be an attack on their senses…”. -Andre Solo-

It’s interesting to learn that highly sensitive people have their own unique characteristics. Let’s find out what these features are.

1. Authenticity, what you see is what you get
One of the strengths of highly sensitive people is their originality. In fact, they don’t know how to pretend and they certainly don’t consider lying as an option. However, just as they are incapable of resorting to deception, they cannot spend their time, effort and will on practices that do not conform to their values.

This makes it difficult for them to pursue jobs that are not in line with their principles, interests, or personal rules. If they find themselves in this type of work, they often experience stress and anxiety and feel mentally overwhelmed.

2. Perspective: emotional and social intelligence
Perspective falls into what Seligman and Peterson describe as cognitive powers. It consists of a mental approach to human connection and understanding. Extremely sensitive people are gifted personalities who are in tune with the social and emotional realities of others.

Not only does their empathy define them, they are characterized by an understanding of the needs of others and a genuine concern for any injustice. They have a very broad approach (perspective). This makes it easier for them to actually come out of themselves and get in touch with their environment.

These people may feel emotionally affected by the realities of others. They are also emphasized by a cognitive aspect, that is their concern, concern, and need for human reflection and understanding.

3. Strengths of highly sensitive people: care and self-care
One of the strengths of highly sensitive people is care and self-care. According to a study from the University of Melbourne, they have invaluable skills in the following dimensions:

They are people who have developed valuable attitudes throughout their lives. They enjoy solitude, connection with nature, and contemplation practices. These areas support their inner well-being. In fact, these dynamics allow them to regulate their emotions and find balance in a world they often find filled with chaos.
They practice compassion and self-compassion. This defines their ability to find vital meanings and purposes for moving forward. They also convey the positive aspects and hope that are key to helping, guiding, and offering valuable support to others.

4. Reflection, the need to understand the reason for everything
Highly sensitive people struggle to understand their place in the world. This can take a long time to achieve, with many conflicts and battles along the way, where they will win some and lose some. However, most understand how they are and how they can function in everyday life and in their relationships with others.

They achieve this through their valuable capacity for reflection and introspection. This means that they can always understand why things happen.

5. Creativity, the genius of emotional sensitivity
This is one of the strengths that highly sensitive people recognize themselves. In fact, they often acknowledge their creativity, even though they don’t realize all of their strengths. It may be because they find psychological shelter in all such practices that liberate the mind.

They enjoy music, drawing, crafts. As a matter of fact, their sensitivities need such environments in order to feel free and fulfilled.

In the field of yellow flowers, the woman thinks about the strengths of extremely sensitive people.

6. Humility, a reflection of simple hearts
People with high sensitivity stand out with their simplicity and modesty. They know how they are, their limitations, weaknesses and shortcomings. This definite vision of themselves enables them to always act with certainty, without exaggeration, without needing to pretend and without exaggeration.

They do not like to compete or be above or ahead of anyone. This means that they do not adapt well to aggressive competitive work scenarios. Also, although they have remarkable virtues, they do not always take advantage of them. In fact, they prefer to minimize their abilities and divert attention from themselves.

7. Love is one of the strengths of hypersensitive people.
Love is also a psychological force. It is the ability to know how to give oneself to others, to look at relationships, and to understand what the foundations of that feeling are. It’s not just about emotional relationships.

If love is one of the strengths of highly sensitive people, it is because of their wisdom in understanding what this dimension consists of. Loving means showing compassion without harassment and respecting the space and needs of others. It is knowing that love is based on reciprocity, emotional communication and non-violent communication.

Extremely sensitive people deal with all these aspects. Unfortunately, they don’t always get what they give. However, they still do not give up. They are loyal to their principles, to their way of being. They didn’t choose to be too sensitive, it’s just part of who they are. Moreover, they are ways of understanding life, relationships, and their own existence…


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