Palestinian Ambassador to Ankara: Normalization train will not stop in Biden period

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Palestinian Ambassador

Palestinian Ambassador to Ankara: Normalization train will not stop in Biden period

Palestinian Ambassador

Palestine’s Ambassador to Ankara Faid Mustafa said that the normalization process of relations between Israel and some Arab countries, initiated by US President Donald Trump, will not stop during the Joe Biden period.

Ambassador Mustafa, online Palestinians Congress held in Turkey, “US elections and their impact on the Palestinian issue,” he said at the symposium.

Emphasizing that the Palestinian issue is faced with a “political disaster”, Mustafa recalled that the Arab League rejected the draft resolution submitted by Palestine on 9 September, denouncing the normalization agreement between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel, and that Palestine left the term presidency of the Union. .

“The train of normalization of relations between Israel and some Arab countries initiated by Trump will not stop in the Biden period,” Mustafa said. used the expression.

Stating that “the US administration is essentially on the side of the Zionist formation and is trying to manage the crisis, not solve it,” Mustafa said that the Biden administration could fulfill some of the promises given to the Palestinian administration and the United Nations Aid to the Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) in the election campaign.

The serious contact process that has been carried out behind the scenes between the Gulf countries, especially the UAE, and Israel for a long time has become public with the announcement of US President Donald Trump’s conclusion to the UAE on 13 August and Bahrain to Israel’s peace agreement on 11 September.

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