The name of the miracle became Ayda Baby

The name of the miracle became Ayda Baby

After the 6.6 earthquake that took place in Izmir, while the search for the wreckage continued, the miracle took place at the 91st hour.

According to the last minute news, 4-year-old Ayda Gezgin was released from the wreckage of Rıza Bey Apartment.

It was stated that Ayda’s mother was also under the wreckage. Nusret Aksoy, from the team that saved the child, said, “There was a dishwasher in the triangle of life. I saw the dishwasher, he was in between. He waved his hand. I heard his first scream. Later I told my friends. I said, he raised his hand and waved. ” Ayda’s to the teams, “Where is my father?” It was expressed that he asked.


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