‘Anti-radicalization and fight against Islamism’ hotline established in France

‘Anti-radicalization and fight against Islamism’ hotline established in France

'Anti-radicalization and fight against Islamism' hotline established in France

In France, President Emmanuel Macron’s anti-Islamic attitude and politicians’ statements targeting Muslims have turned into a witch hunt. The French Ministry of Interior established a whistleblower line.

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In France, where the pressure on Muslim associations and non-governmental organizations has increased, the Ministry of Interior has added a new one to its scandalous practices.

The ministry has established a whistleblower line called “fight against radicalization and Islamism”.

Using this line, people were asked to call the specified phone number if a person or persons “suspected of moving around” were detected.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin stated that they needed a law to fight “Islamism”, not terrorism.

Darmanin said 43 mosques had been closed since Macron took office as President.

There is a reaction to the application

French academic and author Professor William Marx emphasized that developing allergies to religious values ​​is an intellectual and political mistake.

Marx said, “Seeing the slightest expression of religious affiliation as ‘anti-republican’, covering up the cultural and emotional dimension of religions exposes us to extremes.”

Marx pointed out that cartoons are offensive and aggressive images, pointing out that other countries in Europe do not have as many prejudices as in France.


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