Outside the Solar System, 24 ‘super habitable’ exoplanets have been discovered

Outside the Solar System, 24 ‘super habitable’ exoplanets have been discovered.

Outside the Solar System, 24 'super habitable' exoplanets have been discovered

According to the “TechExplorist” site, the exoplanets identified by the team led by Washington State University astronomer Dirk Schulze-Makuch include “older, larger, warmer, and possibly wetter ones” than Earth.

These planets with favorable conditions for life are located at least 100 light-years from Earth.

For the study, collaboration was made with Rene Heller from the Max Planck Solar System Research Institute and Edward Guinan from the Villanova University.

Conducting research on 4,500 known exoplanets outside of the Solar System, the team examined systems with more likely land planets. It was discovered that 24 of them were “super habitable”.

Dirk Schulze-Makuch stated that while doing research, they have to focus on certain planets that have optimal conditions for complex life, “On the other hand, we should be careful not to be stuck in researching a second Earth because there may be planets that would be much better suited to life than ours.” made its evaluation.

Pointing out that it is sometimes difficult to explain the principle of super habitable planets, as Earth is considered to be the best, Schulze-Makuch said, “We have many complex and diverse life forms. Many of them can survive in extreme environments. It is good to have a life that can adapt to conditions, but this is all. It doesn’t mean we have the best of things. ” said.


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