9 Things Experienced by Girls Not Loved by Their Mother

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Nine Things Experienced by Girls Not Loved by Their Mother

9 Things Experienced by Girls Not Loved by Their Mother

Some of the parents may not have psychological competence to look after the child. In such cases, especially mothers may experience postpartum stress disorder, become depressed, do not accept their children and do not want to take care of them.

Nine Things Experienced by Girls Not Loved by Their Mother

Children who grow up with mothers who do not like them, in fact, have a deep struggle during the growth process and may feel scattered.

Since childhood is the time when the character is shaped, especially parental love and family communication are extremely important. For this reason, girls who are not loved by their mothers can have different emotions when they grow up. Here are 9 things that girls feel unloved by their mother.

1. They never think they’re good enough

Since their mothers always criticize them, they think that nothing they do is enough. No matter how hard they work, they still do not see themselves as successful and lack self-confidence.

Because when she was young, her success did not mean anything in the eyes of their mothers. When they grow up, this affects them and their success is meaningless for them.

9 Things Experienced by Girls Not Loved by Their Mother 1

2. They don’t know exactly how to set their limits

Daughters of mothers who refuse or don’t know to love them are not good at setting borders. Often they struggle to say “no”. They can not say “No”, they are afraid to break people. Because they cannot express themselves well and their self-confidence is low. So unfortunately other people can abuse their goodwill.

3. They don’t think they deserve to be happy

If you are an unloved woman as a child, you may not think you deserve happiness as a whole.

You think that no effort will be enough to achieve this and you probably believe that you will not find happiness.

Even when you can be happy, you unknowingly shut yourself down and feel worthless. But don’t do this, everyone deserves to be happy.

Nine Things Experienced by Girls Not Loved by Their Mother

4. They think that people who really care about them make numbers

Children who do not grow up with the love of their mother are generally not very good at understanding emotions.

Often they don’t realize who cares for them. Even if the people around him really love him, they may think that the people around him are with him because they are pity for him, they can perceive the love offered as mercy.

5. They don’t see themselves as they are

Unloved girls struggle with their own images. They do not see themselves as they are, they see through the eyes of mothers who refuse to love themselves.

They think they will fail no matter what, and in some cases this can make them really badly psychologically.

Nine Things Experienced by Girls Not Loved by Their Mother

6. They are always drawn to the same toxic cycle, especially in relationships

As an unloved girl, you may find yourself drawn to the wrong people. When it comes to dating, you always choose the ones that harm you the most. This is a toxic cycle that is not easy to break for you. If you are experiencing such a situation, focus on breaking the loop.

7. Avoid painful situations

These girls are very defensive because of what they have experienced. They cannot easily cope with painful situations. For this reason, they often try to avoid these situations.

Nine Things Experienced by Girls Not Loved by Their Mother8. They struggle to trust someone

Growing without the love of the mother damages the feeling of trust as they grow older. For a person who does not learn the concept of trust in the family, it is extremely difficult to trust others. They struggle to trust someone.

9. They are very sensitive to errors and give great reactions.

Girls who grow up without love do not even show their feelings to themselves. They are very sensitive, empathy levels have improved. However, they are extremely sensitive to what they see as errors and give great reactions.




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