A new era begins at BISTECH

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The BISTECH System, in which buy-sell and exchange transactions are carried out on Borsa Istanbul, was developed in line with the targets of increasing product and service diversity and meeting the demands from the market.

A new era begins at BISTECH 1

In the BISTECH System, which was transitioned in 2015, as of yesterday, the transition to the new version called BISTECH 2.11 version was made. In the new version, the fastest BISTECH experience has begun with the performance improvements made in the transaction system and connection channels to the transaction system.

BISTECH technology continues to be fast and reliable with uninterrupted processing, pre-transaction risk management, and multi-platform improvements and enhancements.

The announcement, which includes the developments and changes in BISTECH 2.11 version, is shared with Borsa İstanbul members, data broadcasters and organizations that provide software to the members, while detailed information can be accessed through “www.borsaistanbul.com”.


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