More than 350 elephants found dead

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More than 350 elephants were reported dead in Bostwana, a South African country. The locals announced that 169 elephants died last month, and mass deaths doubled in mid-June.

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The officials stated that an investigation was started on the mass deaths in the Okavango Delta, and that blood samples were taken from the elephants, but the laboratory results would not come out soon. “This is an unprecedented mass death,” said Niall McCann, director of the UK-based National Park Rescue organization. We have not seen so many elephants die, except for drought-related reasons. ”

More than 350 elephants found dead 2


McCann explained that the probability of poisoning does not seem possible only because elephants die and other animals are not affected. The possibility of a disease that causes neurological damage is emphasized due to the narratives of the local people that elephants circled around them.

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However, Bostvana is the country with the most populated elephant population in the world. Approximately 135 thousand elephants play an important role in the country’s economy. There are about 15 thousand elephants in the Okavango Delta. Nature tourism accounts for 12 percent of revenue for the gross homeland and ranks second after diamond mining.

McCann said, “You can see elephants all over the country. People attract the most after diamonds. This is a protection disaster. I can not understand how a country cannot protect such a valuable resource for itself. ”


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