Credit Suisse raises its forecast for gold

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Credit Suisse

Swiss-based investment bank Credit Suisse raised its price estimates, predicting that weakening dollars and the expectations of governments’ financial incentives will lead to inflation sooner or later.

Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse raised price estimates, predicting that low and negative returns, weakening dollars, and government expectations that financial incentives will lead to inflation sooner or later.

Increasing its average gold price forecast for the third quarter from $ 1,560 / ounce to $ 1,750 / ounce, Credit Suisse also pulled its expectation for the fourth quarter from $ 1,600 / ounce to $ 1,775 / ounce.

According to the world’s news, Credit Suisse, who also increased its average price expectation for 2021 from $ 1,600 / ounce to $ 1,800, said, “If US Treasury paper returns fall below 100 basis points, the prices may exceed our estimates.”


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