Turkish Novel / Robert P. Finn

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Turkish Novel
Robert P. Finn

Novels in Turkey, Westerners born Tanzimat examples of writing in the light of the first works, has found itself a place in the Ottoman Empire’s modernization efforts. Robert P. Finn, who has been working in the Middle East at New York and Princeton universities and has held various positions in our country for many years, examines the witness and historical function of a period as well as the success of these first works in the Turkish Novel, where he studied the novels written between 1872-1900. Finn, who under the lens of Şemsettin Sami, Ahmed Midhat, Emin Nihat, Samipaşazade Sezai, “Mizancı” Mehmed Murad, Recaizade Mahmud Ekrem, Nabizade Nazım and Halid Ziya Uşaklıgil, places Halid Ziya in his focus; While he describes him as the first master, the first successful novelist in the Western sense, he devotes a special place to his works, especially Mai and Siyah, Aşk-ı Memnu.

Turkish Novel is a reference resource that will add perspective to literary researchers and students, providing examples of life culture in the last parts of an empire as well as an effort to descend to the roots of the genre.

Robert P. Finn was born in New York. St. in New York He graduated from Johns University in 1967 with a degree in American literature and European history. In the following two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Turkey is history.

Robert P. Finn earned his master’s degree in Middle East Studies in New York in 1971 and Princeton University in 1976.

In 1978, while the author was a PhD at Princeton University, he also entered the United States Department of Foreign Affairs.

Robert P. Finn has worked as a ministry officer in Istanbul, Wahington, Izmir and Ankara and is currently working on his work on the Turkish novel he brought until 1990.


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